Monday, April 20, 2009

Kellie's Trip

So we went to fetch my roomate yesterday. After fetching him,he asked that where we wanna go before going back and then someone just said,'Kellie's Castle'.(=.=') Fine. So,we drove to Kellie's castle and walked inside. Then,we realized that we have to pay to get in. So,we just paid and continued. These are all the pictures that we managed to get before leaving and it's not bad actually. Kellie's Castle

Does this looks like a bear? It's a bear.

This is a underground tunnel that is connected to the Hindu temple nearby.

This is the rooftop.REally high dude. And there is no fences to protect you. So if u fall,Bye bye.

Corridor is in the mystery??.. Must come n see by yourself.

The picture taken from the top. Not bad. Dirty.

There are two parts in this Kellie's Castle. The second part is tumbling down due to world war 2.

The part is almost destroyed.What is left are walls.

The ancient door looks weird and creepy.Scared...

The starting picture. It's not that big actually.

Not bad. quite nice. Boring still.