Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Positive,aren't you?

Are you being positive right now? I am sure you are. Why? Because i believe you. You are not just any human on this Earth. You are You. You are special. So am i. Even the people who are homeless, they are special. They know how to survive without having a proper place to stay. They can linger here and there. Anywhere. They know how to earn money. They are special. So are you. So why are you feeling negative right now? Are you? Think about it. I am always on the negative side too. I am quite a bad-tempered person as you have not taste the other side of me. If you have ever see my angry expression, you will be afraid , you will fear me. But in the normal days, i am just an ordinary boy thinking positive and negative at the same time. Negative have been on my mind for a long time. I am sick of negative. I want to try, i want to know, i want to experience the positive. Positive may bring me more surprises that i can think of. Isn't that right? It is true that positive can bring you more prosperity and happiness. What can negative possibly give you? Anger? Worry? Suicide ? Everything on the corrupted side can bring you all these uneasy feelings. Don't try to be positive. Be positive. Trying something will only make you stand in between two different boundaries. You must do it. I will try my best means i will only do to the extend that i want. If i do my best, i will give out everything that i have and will not feel regret for doing it. Don't ever say that you will try. I know you will not dare to try because you want to sit in your comfort zone. That is just not right. Change. If you believe that you can do it, act from it and i will assure you that you will see the results that you want.