Sunday, December 13, 2009

Life is still life

Recently,i have been enjoying my life so far. Problem arises,problem ceases. It's just a routine life. Bored with it. Holiday. Nothing much to do. Just walk around the city,do a bit shopping and went to relative's house. Nice holiday. Imagine. 2 girls fell in love with you at the same time. Damn. Cannot imagine that though. It's just tough. Hah. Not easy. But what if you don't even like the both of them( ALthough they don't know each other,i mean the 2 girls). It's kinda hard to reject them. And the main problem is, you fell in love with another girl. That just amazing man. you have your dreamgirl and yet two other girls like you so much. Nothing much you can do really. Act them as normal friends. Greet them as usual. And you all are still friends. I have people suffer from this problem before. Having more than 20 short relationships before,this girl have not been able to find her true love and she still haven't give up. What a daring girl. Moving on when she had most of the hardest time alone in her room sobering. She is still single at the moment and she said that she will keep on trying and jope that luck and faith will be on her side when she finds her true love. Another guy, handsome,well-educated,smart also have the same problem as he had had the kind of experience as what this girl had gone through. I read on newspaper saying think like a woman,act like a man.Although i don't really understand the meaning of that, i am still trying to find out what that really means.