Saturday, June 5, 2010


I just need more time. To forget you. Get over with this. This poison is consuming me and i called it love. Well, it's not easy for me though. Listening to love song and remembering you is just pulling me back into the past. I don't wanna do this again. It's sickening. I don't wanna have this feeling again. Knowing that you are in kl and i cannot meet you up as i miss you so much and i knew that you not missing me the way i miss you. Love is tough and it is a deadly poison if you do not handle it with care. It's dangerous and i had been infected with this virus. The missing virus as i named it and i want to get this poison out of me as soon as possible. This is gonna be tough as i keep looking at your profile everyday and checking on you everytime i am on facebook. I have to get you out of my head as i saw hope is leaving one by one as if i am losing one million red blood cells per day and this is killing me. My hands are on my phone 24 hours wanting to message you and i know i must not message you as i know we can advance no more and it is impossible for both of us. The worst thing is that i still have a big problem with my academics and my family as well. I don't wanna put anymore pressure and burden into myself by indulging in love. I need to clear my studies now and i need more than full focus into this matter as this is my top priority now and i am still trying my best to change my attitude. The last few weeks was not my hell and now that i am at home, i will be doing a lot of work for my mum and there will be arguments as usual and i have to get over this too. Am i experiencing depression? I hope not. I got to be positive as this is just the beginning of my twenties and i don;t wanna screw it like a punctured balloon. Got to hold up and pull this through. I just want you to know that i will always have a place to put you in my heart and i don't wanna regret doing this the second time.