Monday, April 26, 2010

It's had been a while

Wow, did not realize that i have not been updating my blog for almost six months. DAMN. Lazy may be the right excuse but now here i am updating my status and announcing latest news. Been really busy these few months. Don't know what to write now as it's raining. She is in the IRC. I am in my room. Did not know how i fall for her, did not know why i fall for her and did not know whether should i fall for her or not. It's has been a while since i knew her. Few months?. Maybe. People are telling me to act fast, and i mean fast but i was hesitating all the time. Should i? Confession has always been a norm in my life and it is not hard. The hard thing is that am i onto the right one? What if i made a mistake? Rejection? It's alright? NO? I also don't know.
Gonna work on my finals soon. Time is running off the clock and i really have to pay attention now as i do not want to disappoint my parents again. Gotta look forward. Not focusing at my past but in the future. Things have to change. Things got to change. Things are changing. So am i. Let's throw away all the tension and sadness and focus on study. Love is gonna come later so wait. Jogging? Spraint my leg. Have to wait for another 7 days. Sigh.
So missing my friends in KL so much. It's a new year now and i have not been contacting them and i feel really guilty. Never mind. Gonna back in KL on 2nd June. The sad thing is that they may not be in KL. I think they might go holiday with their parents and some of them are still studying overseas as you know the schedule of the oversEAS. LOL. Hungry . When am i going to have my lunch? DAMN. Just finished my field trip yesterday. Tired taking all the apparatus and standing under the sun from 2pm to 6pm. Exhausted. Crazy. Maniac. Lucky i get to drink one cup of Heineken at the last day. Ate the lunch provided but skipped the others and ate outside. No pork though and it is a small town. Boring. Slept in the hall instead of the room provided because you can imagine my suffering if you sleep in a room with another nine people with just one fan spinning so slow that you can almost catch one of its wings.
Sleeping time is getting off and off the clock. 4am? Nuts. Gonna try to sleep earlier tonight. Wonders what she is doing sleeping this late. Assignment? No way. Chatting? I guess so. Ignorable. Love is complicated so i will just solve this question later then. Alright. Stop now. Dinner first.