Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I was having my test today. Nervous of course. But it's just objective. Simple but complicated. Needs thinking. Calculating. Estimating.Predicting.Memorizing. More. People went out fast and early. When i left, there are only quarter of the students sitting at their places still. He smiles. During the test. Stretches his both hands. Smiles at me. When i look at him. Cannot identify what kind of smile is that. He said. He have not finish reading it half an hour before the exam starts. There he is. Smiling . At me. When i look. At him. I don't care. I was thinking. Blurring. Figuring out the answer. Guessing. A?.B?.C? or D?. Don't know. Don't understand. Don't care. It's had passed. Next. On thursday. One more day. I'm waiting. For it. The final Boom. Close .Near. Gonna. Explode.