Sunday, April 27, 2014

Life Without You

      It had been quite sometime since i talked to you. And it had been quite sometime since i last saw you. Few years have gone and i still miss your presence around me. I forgot some of the details on your face but i still remember how we chat last time, having meals at the temple, having roti canai nearby home and all. These are the very best moments i had with you and i regretted for not having more time with you. For all these years i had lived with you, i think i spent very less time with you as i was too busy with friends, work and bla bla bla. Stlll, i admire the way you showed love around people, your kindness and politeness, your willingness to help and so on. I admit that i did learnt some of those values that you had but i have not learn it all yet. I wish time would turn back and you would teach me more about life and what life is all about. Now, i am learning it step by step and growing into a man. Life is not that easy like what i predicted but i know as long as i have the determination, i can overcome almost everything that comes to me. Until now, i still miss your laugh, your wisdom and your love. I still remember how smart you are when you knew almost all the routes around malaysia especially K.L. I still remember how happy we are when we bring the dog out for a walk and i would ask you questions and you would answer like you have gone through everything. Indeed, you had gone through most of the tough times in life to give me what i had today and to groom me into a better man. Unfortunately, you are not here by my side now but it is alright as you will always be in my heart , forever and ever. And i would think about you whenever i am at home, at work or at anywhere because i know that you want to see me change, you want to see me being a successful man and most importantly, you want to see me to be like you - wise, loving and smart. Thank you dad for teaching me so much in this life. Without you, i would be a paper full with dirt and stains. You cleaned me, you taught me from zero and you take care of me like no other. I love you, dad.