Sunday, August 7, 2011

My daddy

I miss you,dad. I miss spending time with you and having breakfast together every sunday morning. I miss when you calls me and ask how am i doing. I miss the time when you and mom come to my university to visit me . My dad is a jovial person. He always like to joke about silly stuff(i suppose) and my friends will comment that my dad is a funny person. When i was a kid, he will take me out and bring me to somewhere happy. We would bring the dog out for a walk every night after dinner and talk. I still remember he brings me to pasar malam every tuesday and i would buy a lot of stuff . I knew my dad loves the dog very very much and he would pat the dog every night he comes home and gives the dog a bath every weekend. He loves xiu mai very much and he loves to eat near the temple few yards from our house. We would walk there every sunday and he would order fried food (his favourite) and i would eat with him with my sister. My dad never really get emo before as i know it because he is the good heart man and my mom used to say that i should learn his goodman attitude as i get piss off very easily. That is why now i am on the anger management thingy although i know that i do not get angry a lot except in games. Maybe i put too much focus in games that i get upset easily when i lose the game. This upset thing needs to get into studies and if this happens, i am sure my results would go like flying colors in no time. I got my dad's watch with me and a photo of him in my room. I also got one of his shirts in my bag. My dad is a noble man. He forgives easily and he never scolds me although i got a bad results. He would say,"You can do better than this" and i regretted for not giving my best when he is here with me. I regretted for taking my dad for granted but one thing for sure is that i love him and i will always do because i know he loves me too. I am sorry,dad. I promise i will make it up to you and i love you.

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