Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Realize and improvise

I realize where the problem is just now when i was laying in my bed. My problem is that i am too focused at the laptop. I am trying to find something to do at my laptop rather than reading a book or even a slide of lecture notes. This seems very bad and i need to do something to change this situation. I need to put a book beside the laptop 24 hours a day and when i see the book beside me i will realize that i am too addicted to the internet and may take a look at the book. I have to keep a clear and straight mind now as i want to be more excellent than last semester. Last semester was all rubbish but i learned something out of it. So, i am not going to repeat my mistakes again this semester. No more failures, for now. I need to remind myself all the time that i am still a scholar and i am not going to stop or get kick out just like that. I cannot afford to bear the consequences if i were to be kicked out by the university. Leaders always think of the worst consequences does not mean that they will not think of the best out of it. We got to think big, think wisely and if a mistake occurs, take it as a lesson and move on. Do not do anything stupid that will harm yourself as this is useless and only makes your family more worry about you. You have to look at the present because if you do not work hard at the present time, what will happen in the future? Only God knows.

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