Sunday, August 1, 2010

Comes right by.

How will you feel if failure comes after failure? I seriously do not like the feeling of this but it is only temporary as i am gonna change the future. Failure after failure? No problem. It is for us to learn and realise what is wrong and right. Sometimes we just cannot take things too seriously as it will cause us tension and discomfort in out heart. We have to let it go. Pain comes and goes. It does not stay long because it is for you to experience, not to stick with during your whole life. We gotta open our mind up. Some things can be done and some things cannot be done even if you forced it to. It would not happen and lessen the dreaming part. We got to look at the reality. It is not about dream anymore. It's about how you face the reality and get over it. We cannot just stop at a certain failure and be stagnant. Learn and move on so that we will not repeat the mistake again and again. What if you wanna love someone but you do not dare to? Loving someone can be painful or the other way round. It always comes back to the origin. How do you see things. Do you think that loving someone is painful? It is hard to say. When the time comes, there is no need to hold on to the end and make both sides suffer the consequences. When it is time to let go, let go. There is nothing to regret about it as you love that person truthfully and when love have to end, there is no way stopping it. You are just forcing yourself going through a harder time with the other partner and this hurts both sides. When you let go, think about the past is alright and these are all memories that is worth keeping. If you are not able to let something pass through your mind, you will carry that in your mind for a long time and it will deteriorates you physically and mentally. Like me, i am being pulled into a tough situation as i haven't let go what i should have let go long time ago. I will just thinking of it everyday and this "thing" is gonna consume me one day . Until now, i am still trying to get over it and it seems impossible but if you are willing to let it go someday in the future, you will feel much more freedom,relief and happiness around you rather than keeping those painful memories with you until you die.

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